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*Wears her thief clothes in the best of taste >w0*

1) What’s your middle name?
.o. O' Radiant dawn, O' marvelous dawn

2) How old are you? 
,0, The same age as the ending of this year.

3) When is your birthday?
Octo-tuber the sixth >u<

4) What is your zodiac sign
Libra! *Balances*

5) What is your favorite color?
I like Silver and Sky Blue VuV~<3

6) What’s your lucky number?
,0, If I can choose one 17!!!

7) Do you have any pets?
I've got my two kitties and my doogle and my mom's dog and my brother's tortoise!! .u. So yeeeah!

8) Where are you from?
.u. in the least populated state of them all ~<3

9) How tall are you?
5'5 maybe??
Something like that.

10) What is your shoe size?
I don't know! I wear eight 1/2 usually, but I wore a pair of my sister's eight dress shoes and they were WAY to big...

11) How many pairs of shoes do you own?
...One? XD

12) What was your last dream about?
,0, small little gnat like bugs clumped together in the forms of caterpillars and centipedes and raced into my room and I freaked out because I thought they were giant bugs and I called for my Dad and he was like 'Yo I'll be there in a minute' and I started screaming bloody murder because OMIGOSH I AM BEING STALKED BY GIANT BUGS. They were closing in on me so I jumped on to the wall rather than jumping over them and sprinting out of my bedroom door because apparently dream me can't rationalize very well. I made myself wake up before they could crawl over my back ,0, but I know that's what they would've done (They then probably would have eaten me, my dreams like seeing me eaten)

13) What talents do you have?

14) Are you psychic in any way?
15) Favorite song?
Many .u.

16) Favorite movie?
At least, in this point in time XD

17) Who would be your ideal partner?
Space-travel partner? Epic voyage partner? My star-crossed lover-partner from another dimension?!
You've got to be specific with me!

18) Do you want children?
,0, My babies will be the bestest babies.

19) Do you want a church wedding?
Not with that the church is today ,0,

20) Are you religious?
I believe. 0u0

21) Have you ever been to the hospital?
.u. when I was born; and for strep testing XD

22) Have you ever got in trouble with the law?

23) Have you ever met any celebrities?
.0. What defines 'celebrity'?? //I'd look it up, but I'm lazy XD//

24) Baths or showers?
.u. pffft

25) What color socks are you wearing?
...I, I wasn't aware I was wearing socks ,0,

26) Have you ever been famous?

27) Would you like to be a big celebrity?

28) What type of music do you like?
Weird alternative stuff XDXD

29) Have you ever gone skinny dipping?
Yeuck, I respect myself to much for that ,0,

30) How many pillows do you sleep with?
I've never counted ,u, *Checks*

31) What position do you sleep in?
Usually the fetal position

32) How big is your house?
I don't know measurements! XD

33) What do you typically have for breakfast?
Either Oatmeal or a Cheese-sandwich...
I feel like most people don't eat Cheese Sandwichs for breakfast ,0,
I Am Unique *squeeee'ing*

34) Have you ever fired a gun?
Yup! I'm Okay at it .u.

35) Have you ever tried archery?
Yeah! I'm decent at it ,u,

36) Favorite clean word?
I'm feeling very 'capitalize that' lately .u.

37) Favorite swear word?
I loath them all equally .u. Some more equally than others.

38) Whats the longest you’ve ever gone without sleep? 
.0. Eighteen hours maybe?? I like sleep!

39) Do you have any scars?
My cat clawed my stomach before XD It used to look like I was stabbed, but now it just seems like a freakishly prominent stretch mark.

40) Have you ever had a secret admirer?
Many VuV

41) Are you a good liar?
People believe what they want to believe; and I don't lie unless it's to tease somebody, but then they actually believe me!

42) Are you a good judge of character?
Yeah : )

43) Can you do any accents other than your own?
YEAH! I used to be better at doing them though my skills hence have fallen!

44) Do you have a strong accent?
Where I'm from the only trace of accents is a whistling s and speaking lazily... So, not really : )

45) What is your favorite accent?
XD I like expressive accents, yuhyuh.

46) What is your personality type?
,0, Mine?

47) What is your most expensive piece of clothing?
I do not have expensive clothing XP

48) Can you curl your tongue?
I can sort of do the clover fold thingie too!
I can't do it well,
But I can sort of do it!!

49) Are you an innie or an outie?
I used to be half and half! It was so weird! Half of it when out and half of it when in and I was just all like 'why is my belly button all crooked?!' It's an innie now ,0, but still slanted XD

50) Left hand or right hand?

51) Are you scared of spiders?
It depends If I feel they could bite me while I sleep .3.

52) Favorite food?
Watermelon >u<!

53) Favorite foreign food?
hmmm German Deserts are pretty yummy from what I've tasted.

54) Are you a clean or messy person?
,0, As I person I am the most cleaned individual you will ever be blessed with the presence of meeting!
In terms of organization... pahaa~<3

55) Most used phrase?
,0, I call for people? So probably just terms for my family members XD

56) Most used word?

57) How long does it take you to get ready?
,0, Ehh, not long at all XD

58) Do you have much of an ego?
Only a pretend one so that I can mock myself XD

59) Do you suck or bite lollipops?
Neither, I'll let um melt by their own accord ,0,!

60) Do you talk to yourself?
Yes. Sometimes I hold entire conversations with myself despite the fact I'm addressing other people XDXD Aha~<3

61) Do you sing to yourself?
.u. Never in public.

62) Are you a good singer?
I can't tell; :iconfoxywolfcat: DOESN'T THINK SO

63) Biggest fear?
... Eh, I can't think of one.

64) Are you a gossip?

65) Best dramatic movie you have ever seen?
.u. *shrug*

66) Do you like long or short hair?
I have long hair ,0, I won't diss someone for their own hairstyle.

67) Can you name all 50 states of America?
.u. If you handed me a list >u0

68) Favorite school subject?
It's a speech class
It's Great
I'll never be in it again because I'm moving to the other school next year and it's offered nowhere else but the school I'm currently in.
It's great.

69) Introvert or extrovert?
Wh'e'er I feel like!

70) Have you ever been scuba diving?
No. No. No.

71) What makes you nervous?
Thinking about scuba diving XDXDXD

72) Are you scared of the dark?
Nah! .u.

73) Do you correct people when they make mistakes?
,0, Clarification? What Kind of mistakes?!

74) Are you ticklish?
,0, maybe.

75) Have you ever started a rumor?

76) Have you ever been in a position of authority?

77) Are you guilty of underage drinking?
No-way! That stuff's bad for you ,0,

78) Have you ever done drugs?
Only cold medicine when I was sick XD which I don't use anymore because it NEVER WORKS ,-,

79) Who was your first real crush?

80) How many piercings do you have?
My mom forced my to get my ear pierced when I was five-ish : ( I didn't want them then and I still don't.

81) Can you roll your R’s?
Sort-of XD I sound ridiculous when I try so the actual answer would probably be no... but sort of!

82) How fast can you type?
People sa... Yes, I can type fast XD

83) How fast can you run?
I GOT 7:59 on my mile brah!
That's the minimum for an outstanding time.
I'm Minimal E'erybody >U<!!

84) What is your hair color?
Brown .u.

85) What is your eye color?
Hazel! They've been greener than usual lately >U<

86) What are you allergic to?
Nothing; my parents keep saying I'm allergic to things whenever I get colds and I'm just like 'nope'.

87) Do you keep a journal/diary?
I'm not interesting enough for that XDXD

88) What do your parents do?
My Daddy's a technical Engineer and my Mummy's a mooch XDXDXD

89) Do you like your age?

90) What makes you angry?
People thinking I do bad things -like- wheh? Why?!

91) Do you like your own name?
Yes .u.

92) Have you already thought of baby names? If so, what names?
Yes and I ain't sharin' nuffink

93) Do you want a boy or a girl?
Whatever ,0,

94) What are your strengths?

95) What are your weaknesses?

96) How did you get your name?
My parents decided to name me it rather than Katrina???

97) Were your ancestors royalty?
...Hmmm, no.

98) Where would your dream home be?
*u* Somewhere beautiful!

99) Color of your bedspread?
Royal Bluuuue

100) Color of your bedroom?


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