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**Deletes all the rules, was also tagged by Mistah :iconsoliassoul:**


Two spacetrains leave their stations at exactly 6:33 and-a-half pm. One train is traveling south the other north, each railed on the same track, meaning a devastating collision is gonna' happen and everyone aboard will burn and die in a horrible ways. HOWEVER! You have a chance to stop this catastrophe from ever being by answering this simple algorithm. South Train is traveling at 400 billion miles an hour, while North train is sloggin' along at 6000. They are separated by a distance close to that of the sun's circumference (4.4 million km). But it doesn't stop there! Oh no, it gets better! You, in all your spontaneity, are somehow driving - yes, driving - an asteroid and fighting the denizens of deep space, when, suddenly, a call reaches you from across dimensions; a plea for help. Deciding it can't be helped - ironic, right? - you grab your zoomjuice from the Craggle-scarrbin Cafe' and ditch that space scum to carve out a reputation for yourself. Due to your hasty nature, you abandon the distress call before it could finish and never find out where the spacetrains actually ARE. All you know is they are both racing to the Grogarthal Theater to witness the sacred opening of Pluto Nash 3D. You, too, want a seat, but the longer you delay, the less chance you actually have of gettin' one. Now, you don't want the space cops ridin' up yo' backside, so you gotta' pilot your asteroid at a reasonable speed. And now for the question you've all been DYING - well, someone's bound to, anyway - hear; Stop the spacetrains or secure your seat for Pluto Nash 3D? Choose wisely, now.

But, if I stop the spacetrains none on them would get to their seats in time either! However, since I am a justice prone individual I will stop the slow train and let that fast one continue along, that way the people who really want to view this Pluto Nash 3D can get their nice comfy seats while the others an' me play an ultimate game of flag-tag in order to start up a democracy in deep space and keep the denizens there happy and without tyranny; I hope such a change would end their villainous ways.


Big, fat and jolly just plowed over your dear, old mum with his sleigh. Mow him down with your weedwacker or join him in his conquest to enslave humanity and conquer EVERYTHING! Don't worry, though, you can be his pet or somethin'....

I at the moment lack a weedwacker, but I have a hankering that the man in red is secretly a Disney fairy and if I gather up a whole bunch of the chill'ens and tell them he's a lie he will disperse into nothingness and humanity will be saved without bloodshed!


Is any of this making sense? O.o

I understand it all.

Is this supposed to make sense? O.O
What is sense?
What is sanity?
What does the dark-side of the moon feel?
Do you know?
Do we care?


Yup. You jsut raed tihs and you dndi't eeven qieuostn it, did you? Cool, eh?

My math teach' gave me very good advice, she said "QUESTION EVERYBODY, QUESTION EVERYTHING, Don't Believe something just because you're told it MATTHEW!!"
...The advice wasn't meant for me, but I feel I can apply it here very nicely.


Fill in the blanks: A knight is sworn to DANCE. His heart knows only EXPLETIVES. His INSOMNIA defends the helpless. His WICKED TRIGONOMETRY SKILL upholds the weak. His word speaks only OF THE VILE PROFANITY WRETCHED FROM SAILOR'S JAWS. His DECLARATION PROCLAIMS HE undoes the wicked.

Good. Now, then. Which character(s) from what incredible film says these words. Hint: There's more than one. Also, it's the greatest movie ever. At least, I think so, anyway.

"Look to the stars."

I prefer watching grass grow, so calming, so whimsical, like sunbathing via star-light.


Emit rof sgniht ot teg detacilpmoc.... Tahw si ruoy etirovaf lamina?


animal favorite your is what... complicated get to things for time.
,0, UM I CRACKED THE CODE ((But I wrote everything out of order, goooo dyslexia!)))
I like sables, the weasel-kind : >


That was too easy. Now tell me are you enjoying this? You really shouldn't be. It's not fun at all.
Ignore them. Ignore them all.


Ja, Wir hast sprechen bin Einglish zu langen. Zeiten fur eine interessanten abfragen. (Umlaut...)

Bist du eienes lieblingsdingen umher mich?

...I guess I still remember a little bit of German class. Sweet.

0_0 My German teacher is pretty good at teaching kids to understand a language I guess, but it beats me on how it is I'm supposed to respond in it, wheh.


Where did you hide the Lucky Charms?
In mah belleh!


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